Aaron Sanchez is the latest pitcher to praise Giants’ use of analytics

On today’s Locked On Giants podcast, host Ben Kaspick talks about a number of hot topics related to the San Francisco Giants. Aaron Sanchez, whose one-year, $4M deal with incentives that could take it up with $6.5M was announced on Sunday, raved about the organization he’s set to join. He said that he “heard nothing but great things, both [from an] organizational standpoint and a pitching and analytical standpoint.” That last part, about the “analytical standpoint,” should not be overlooked. Sanchez is the latest in a growing line of Giants pitchers and hitters who have praised the team’s use of analytics. This is in stark contrast to many fans’ and analysts’ negative views of “analytics,” despite that word being a blatant over-generalization used to describe something that is wide ranging and complex.

Ben also discusses the Giants’ decision to DFA Trevor Gott, and their signing of former Japanese ace Shun Yamaguchi to a minor league deal.

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