Spring Training to start next week

On today’s Locked On Giants podcast, host Ben Kaspick talks about the fact that MLB and the MLBPA agreed to health and safety protocols this week, and spring training is set to begin on time next week. As part of the health and safety protocols, MLB will re-instate the extra-inning rule from last season, as well as seven-inning double headers. There will be a 162-game season, with no DH in the National League and no expanded postseason.

Also on today’s show, Ben answers the following questions from listeners: Would you care to expand on why we should buy into certain 60-game season stats (like offense) and why we shouldn’t for others? I think you’ve mentioned that the offense didn’t look flukey; what would a flukey offense look like? Who’s the player you think is most likely to be traded or DFA’d on the current 40-man? Are there any prospects that have a legitimate chance of making the Opening Day roster?

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