Inbox: Should the Giants try to sign Marcell Ozuna?

On today’s Locked On Giants podcast, host Ben Kaspick answers listeners’ questions about the state of the San Francisco Giants. Among the questions asked and answered are: You explain very well how Farhan’s moves in SF have tracked similarly to the way he built LA and before. Curious what stands out to you as the biggest difference in how Farhan Zaidi has approached running the Dodgers vs. running the Giants? Other than Michael Conforto, whom the Mets are likely to re-sign, I don’t see a 2022 free-agent outfielder who is a comparable run producer to Marcell Ozuna. Why can’t the Giants make a play for him right now? He recently turned 30. A 3 or 4 yr deal would guarantee a big bat in the middle of future line-ups. Whats the advantage to having almost zero commitments vs. knocking out some signings early and still having a ton of room? Would Jonathan Villar be an ideal last position player? It seems as though Jackie Bradley Jr. wants more years than the giants would be willing to offer. Villar could could spell the infield spots, CF, switch hit, and become the speed threat for the team. And likely for reasonably cheap. You could ask 28 other teams this, but even now still perplexed by not signing Brad Hand for 1-2 years, since they could use bullpen stability and if needed flip him at the deadline, worst case eating a little of the contract. Almost makes me think collusion is still alive? Mauricio Dubon has put on muscle this offseason, possibly per team request (which wouldn’t be surprising). Do you think the Giants have faith in his ability to be the backup SS, and possibly everyday SS vs LHP, especially now with his improved conditioning? With new field dimensions/bullpens, was there any significant batting/fielding data in the short season? Also, will the Giants keep the batters eye wall higher or change the garden to keep a shorter center field wall which they originally planned?

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