Inbox: What will the Giants do at next week’s trading deadline?

On today’s Locked On Giants podcast, host Ben Kaspick answers questions from fans about the San Francisco Giants’ plans for the trading deadline, what they’ll do with Mike Yastrzemski long term, Kapler’s decision to use Trevor Gott in a one-run game on Monday, and much more. Most questions were understandably about the upcoming trading deadline, which is next Monday, August 31st. Just like last year, the Giants find themselves playing great and in playoff contention as the deadline approaches. Contrary to popular opinion among fans, the Giants navigated last year’s deadline beautifully. Ben believes the Giants will take a similar approach this year, balancing the present and the future. They won’t sacrifice much in the way of future value for purely present value, but they will look to upgrade the 2020 team while acquiring pieces for the future. It remains unclear how the unique circumstances will affect trade activity. The season could be cancelled at any minute due to the virus; there will only be one month left in the season after the deadline; and the postseason now includes more teams and has a different structure. Nevertheless, Giants president of baseball operations likes to be active with his roster, and he has a strong history in trades, so next week’s deadline should be exciting for Giants fans.

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